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OWFC has four major trophies that are presented each year at the Club Dinner, the Fran Sale Clubman of the Year Trophy, the Aidan Hopkins Trophy, the Mark Rankin Trophy and the Ric Parsonage Trophy. These trophies were initiated to commemorate the contributions the particular individuals made to the Club. They were all outstanding Old Wokingians who died at an early age.

The Fran Sale Clubman of the Year Trophy is awarded to someone who is considered to have made a significant contribution to the Club in the previous season. The contribution may be on the field of play or in administration or in a combination of the two.
The Aidan Hopkins Trophy is awarded to someone who has made a significant contribution to the Club by continuing to play football for many years in teams at the higher end of the Club.
The Mark Rankin Trophy is awarded to someone who has made a significant contribution to the Club by continuing to play football for many years in teams at the lower end of the Club.
The Ric Parsonage Trophy is awarded to the player selected by the OWFC committee from the Players of the Year chosen by each team.
Fran Sale, a centre forward and prolific goal scorer, joined the Club in 1961. He was Club Captain from 1962 to 1968 during which time the first team climbed from Division One South of the OBFL to third place in the Premier Division. He died in a car accident in 1972 at the age of 31, at which time he had just become chairman of the Club. His enthusiasm and dedication was a major reason for the Club's rapid growth in the sixties.
Aidan Hopkins, played in goal for the Club for well over twenty years. For some years he played in the reserves but his dedication and determination took him ultimately into the firsts where he held his place for well over a decade. He was jealous of his first team spot and never gave the Club an excuse to drop him. He was available every week, never dropped out and for several years travelled each weekend from Manchester to play. In his mid-thirties he contracted cancer. Such was his love of football that he continued to make himself available and played for the reserves though clearly unwell. He died at the age of 38.

Mark Rankin,  joined the Club in 1979 and played for over 25 years. He was an uncompromising full back and that earned him the name of "Killer", although a more kind and gentle person you could not wish to meet. It was always a pleasure to have him in your team. He always gave 100% and his friendliness and nature earned him the respect of all who knew him. Away from football Mark was a renowned parasitologist (studies bugs) at the VLA. He died from cancer in 2008, aged 51.

Ric Parsonage joined the staff of Woking Grammar school in 1971 and started playing for the club in 1972. His skill and tremendous stamina resulted in him playing in the first team for many years. He finally stopped playing at the age of fifty. Ricky also played cricket with distinction for several years with Westfield. He was also a keen golfer with a single figure handicap. Ricky was diagnosed to have contracted amyloidosis in May 2002, and fought the disease with enormous determination and dignity until he passed away in Woking Hospice on May 12th 2004, aged 56.
Fran Sale Trophy winners
Aidan Hopkins Trophy winners Mark Rankin Trophy winners  Ric Parsonage Trophy winners
1972 Bill Munday
1991 Sam Youl 2008 Simon Williamson 2004 Mark Rankin
1973 Ian Osborne
1992 Ric Parsonage
2009 Warren Smith
2005 Richie Gallagher
1974 John Billing
1993 John Stent 2010 Ray Kearney 2006 Todd McGrail
1975 Don Stewart 1994 Dave Smith 2011 John Stent 2007 Richard Woods
1976 Mike Bennison
1995 Brian White 2012 Paul Hewitt 2008 James Freeland
1977 Roger Cobley
1996 Simon Melville 2013 Daryl Duthie  2009 Terry Rickeard 
1978 Trevor Dell
1997 Steve Godman 2014 Graham Payne  2010 Steve Godman
1979 Geoff Hobbs
1998 Mark Rudland

2015 Mike Edis 

2011 Steve Pearse 
1980 Terry Chandler
1999 Paul Mills 2016 Martin Dunkley 2012 Chris Astbury  
1981 Adie Usher
2000 Andy Russel 2017 Spencer Davern  2013 Neill Johnstone
1982 Brian White
2001 Richie Gallagher 2018 Liam Hockham  2014 Dave Lane
1983 Ken Chivers 2002 Paul Rush 2019 Kevin Rollins 2015 Richard Martin
1984 Peter Kewish
2003 Matt Bailey 2020 SamThompson   2016 Jake Knight 
1985 Ric Parsonage
2004 Chris Norton   2017 Chris North
1986 Colin Bayford
2005 Cliff Liddle   2018 Adrian Stacey
1987 John Randle 2006 Todd Mcgrail   2019 Sam Edis
1988 Aidan Hopkins
2007 Tom Jones  
2020 Kev Rollins
1989 Paul & Debbie Hewitt
2008 Duncan Scott    
1990 Mark Rudland
2009 Rory Hopkins    
1991 Geoff Bourne
2010 Richard Woods    
1992 Alan Watson

2011 Liam Champion 


1993 Warren Smith

2012 Steve Godman


1994 John Billing

2013 Matt Lane     
1995 Mick Knight
2014 Stuart Graham     
1996 Mark Piercy
2015 Rob Beeson    
1997 Eddie Tipping
2016 Chris North    
1998 Stuart Murphy
2017 Dave Lane    
1999 Paul Mills
2018 Jack Farrelly    
2000 Dave Birkby
2019 Tom Severn     
2001 Chris Norton & Dave Dixon
2020 Ross Fleming     
2002 Charlie Hickman
2003 Steve Godman
2004 Warren Smith
2005 Mark Kimberling
2006 Neill Johnstone      

2007 Paul Ives


2008 Stuart Murphy

2009 Howard King      
2010 Richard Woods      

2011 Steve Ramlakhan


2012 Mark Trinder

2013 Dan Blackwell
2014 Matt Lane

2015 Paul Hewitt

2016 Dean Somers      
2017 Mike Edis      
2018 Dave Lane      
2019 Jake Knight      
2020 Rich Martin